New original grille

So I’ve had like so many other W124 in Europe an Avantgard-grille. This was to my knowledge never available for the W124. Mine was installed by a German auto parts manufacturer called GAP – German Auto Parts. What they did was to put the saw into a W140 Avantgard-grille.

Anyway, I bought new grille-plastic and new chrome bars, Mercedes Original of course, here’s the result:


Världens sämsta ide?

Varför ska kreti och pleti fÃ¥ uttrycka sig i “kommentarer” pÃ¥ exempelvis Varför ge dessa till synes helt retarderade människor fÃ¥ möjligheten att vädra sin trut pÃ¥ SDS webb? Det är bara bonnig pajkastning delux, man blir ju bara upprörd av att läsa detta. Nä, skaffa blogg ni som vill vara cp, jag pallar inte med er. Over and out!

George Carlin thank you and rest in peace!

Sorry I’m a bit late… found out the other day that my favourite of all times stand up comedian George Carlin passed away on June 22nd.

This man literally formed my view on comedy, he was and is a legend in stand up. His very insightful and spot-on monologues on politics, race-issues, economics, environment and so much more applied not only to USA but to the rest of the world, making kids like me at the time listen to cassettes copied from a friends friends friend over and over again.

Still remember trying to convince my mother on how spot on the “Cars and Driving” number was while she was driving in the town she hates the most to drive in (Lund, SkÃ¥ne, Sweden). Oh yes she laughed!

This is my puny and humble hommage to one of the worlds greatest comedian, child in car, baby on board, who gives a fuck!


“Jag hör vad du säger, men jag känner inte att du menar det… och jag känner rätt för jag gÃ¥r pÃ¥ socialhögskolan:)” 

 ”Man kan inte vara ensam om att vara delaktig”

“I filosofins löpartävling vinner den som springer lÃ¥ngsammast”

“Your money means nothing to me!”

“Du kan kalla mig Fadde”

“Om jag blir chef här har du gjort ditt sista pass”

“Var e min Bossarock?”

“Det är en mycket ovärdig jävel vi har att göra med”